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Crane Model 
Lifting capacity 
Max. 2.93t at 1.4m
Working radius 
Min. 0.45m, Max. 8.41m
Hook height(Approx.) Above ground level
Max. 8.8m
Below ground level
Max. 11.7m with 4-part line
Boom Length
Min. 2.53m to Max. 8.65m
Extending speed
6.12m / 20.0 sec.
6.12m / 22.0 sec.
〔With electric power unit〕
〔50Hz〕 6.12m / 34.0 sec. 〔60Hz〕 6.12m / 28.0 sec.
〔50Hz〕 6.12m / 33.0 sec. 〔60Hz〕 6.12m / 28.0 sec.
Raising angle / speed
0˚ to 78˚ /11.0sec.
0˚ to 78˚ /12.0sec.
〔With electric power unit〕
〔50Hz〕 0˚ to 78˚ /18.0 sec. 〔60Hz〕) 0˚ to 78˚ /15.0 sec
〔50Hz〕 0˚ to 78˚ /18.0 sec. 〔60Hz〕) 0˚ to 78˚ /15.0 sec
5-section box beam type telescoping boom
Winch Single line speed
40.0m / min(at 4th layer)
〔With electric power unit〕
〔50Hz〕 22.0m / min ( at 4th layer) 〔60Hz〕 27.0m / min ( at 4th layer)
Hook speed
10.0m / min at 4th layer with 4-part line
〔With electric power unit〕
〔50Hz〕 5.5m / min ( at 4th layer with 4-part line) 〔60Hz〕) 6.7m / min ( at 4th layer with 4-part line)
Hydraulic motor driven, spur gear reduction, with automatic mechanical brake 
Wire rope
Construction : IWRC 6 x WS(26) GRADE B / Diameter x Length : 8mmx54.0m / Breaking strength : 42.4.0kN(4320kgf)
Hook block
2.90t capacity, 2 sheaves with safety latch
Slewing Range
360˚continuous rotation on a ball bearing race
1.5 rpm
Trochoid motor, Worm gear reduction, spur gear reduction, and Worm self-locking brake (supported by ball bearings)
2-section (with damper) for bend and 3-section extension. Double acting hydraulic cylinders with pilot-operated check valves,
direct  pushing type (Directly connected with hyraulic automatic lock device)
Hydraulic pump Type
Variable delivery piston pump
Rated pressure
Rated delivery
38 liters/min
30 liters/min
Rated revolution
2000 rpm
2600 rpm
Hydraulic oil tank capacity  
27 liters
Safety devices     
Pressure relief valve for hydraulic circuit/Counterbalance valves for boom raising and boom telescoping cylinders/Hook safety latch
Pilot-opertated check valves for outrigger cylinders/Boom angle indicator with load indicator/Automatic mechanical brake for winch
Automatic stop for overwinding/Overwinding alam/Emergency stop button/Inter-lock device of crane and crawling levers
Inter-lock device of crane and outriggers/Turn over prevention device/Level


Lifting capacity
Max. 300kg
Tilt angles
0˚, 20˚, 40˚, 60˚
Lifting capacity
Max .700kg
Tilt angles
0˚, 20˚, 40˚, 60˚



Crane model 
Crawling speed
〔With electric power unit〕 
 0~2.3km/h, froward/ Reverse  0~2.0km/h, froward/ Reverse
〔50Hz〕 0~1.2km/h 〔60Hz〕 0~1.4km/h 〔50Hz〕 0~1.2km/h 〔60Hz〕 0~1.4km/h
Hill climbing abillity  20˚ 20˚
Tread length  1050mm 1050mm
Ground contact pressure
〔With electric power unit〕 
48kPa(0.49kgf/cm2) 49.8kPa(0.51kgf/cm2)
51.4kPa〔0.52kgf/cm2〕 52.9kPa〔0.54kgf/cm2〕
Engine manufacturere/model Mitsubishi / GM401LE Kubota / Z482-E3B
Displacement  391cc 479cc
Maximum output  9.3kW(13ps) / 2000rpm, Rated ourput 7.4kW(10.0ps) / 2600rpm, Rated ourput
Fuel  Petrol Diesel
Fuel tank capacity  6 liters 10 liters
Steering  Hyraulic drive independent of left / right
Starter  Starter motor (Recoil starter)


Crane Model UR-W295C UR-W295CD
①Total width
②Total height
1375mm 〔1430mm〕
③Total Length
Mass of crane
1850kg 〔1980kg〕
1920kg 〔2040kg〕

with electric porwer unit


Rated power 3.7kW(3-phase 4 poles)
Voltage AC200V or 400V
〔50Hz/60Hz〕 3 phase 4P